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      Recruitment Centre

      We attach importance to employee's focus, innovation and cooperation spirit We provide Competitive salary, systematic training, promotion route, make a better career developing space. Please join us to explore the magnetoelectric world together and power a smarter life!

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      測試工程師 研發部 1 2010-10-01 無錫 +

      Description of job:






      Job requirements:






      / 5 2010-10-01 +

      Description of job:

      Job requirements:

      / 5 2020-11-02 +

      Description of job:

      Job requirements:

      1 2020-11-02 +

      Description of job:

      Job requirements:

      1 2010-07-01 +

      Description of job:

      Job requirements:

      R & D Engineer R & D Department 5 2010-10-01 Wuxi +

      Description of job:

      1. According to the technical parameters of the sensor chip and technical requirements, design and make out the matching analog circuit within the specified time.

      2. Complete the construction, test and performance evaluation of the circuit independently, and give the assessment report, apply the circuit to the product module, complete the module's production and test, and give the assessment report.

      3. Evaluate the production possibility of product module and circuit, and give the assessment report.

      4. Cooperate with production department, responsible for checking samples of bad product. According to the requirements, give an analysis report

      5. Arrage  product technical information, cooperate with other departments, make product process documents.

      6.  In accordance with the requirements of the department leader to complete the necessary software project preparation.

      Job requirements:

      1.  Good character, not afraid of hardship, sense of responsibility, work proactive, good at thinking, team spirit.

      2.   More than 3 years relevant work experience.

      3.   Bachelor Degree or above in electronical engineering related discipline(Major).

      4.   Proficient in analog circuit, skilled use of Protel, orCAD, power, AD and other graphics software in one or more. Proficient in circuit simulation software, such as Multisim , etc..

      5.   Proficient in weak signal processing and sensor signal extraction, can independently deal with signal interference problems.

      6.   Proficient in digital circuit, familiar with the use of software programming languages, such as C, C++, JAVA, etc..

      Sales Manager Marketing Department 2 2010-10-01 Wuxi +

      Description of job:

      1. Responsible for the market promotion and sales of current sensors. Achieve personal sales target and complete the development of new market target.

      2. Fully understand the market situation and competitors, identify key customers and ensure their tracking, visit customers regularly, and feedback the information to the company in time.

      3. Able to provide customers with product solutions, mining customers’ needs.

      4. Make monthly, quarterly and annual work plan, product forecast and and cost budget.

      5. Understand the trend of the industry, actively cooperate with marketing.

      Job requirements:

      1. Bachelor Degree or above in electromechanical / automation / electrical and electronic engineering major.

      2. Sales experience in electronic components (transformers,, continuous electrical appliance, IGBT, current sensor, MOSFET, DSP, MCU, fuse, proximity switch, industrial automation) .

      3. More than 3 years sales experience. in-depth understanding of the industry customers. Candidate with good customer relations is preferred.

      4. Experience in selling brand products of TI, ST, ADI, IR, microchip.

      5. With good judgment / analysis ability, team spirit.

      6. Cheerful personality, good communication and learning ability.

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